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Update the icon atleast

Ok so it works. Its pretty sick with Serato. But ther hasnt been an update in 2 YEARS. Can you atleast update the dam icon for the retina display. Its the only app on my phone that has a blurry icon. C'mon.

Almost perfect

I've done two practice sessions and two full gigs with this so far, and I'm very impressed. My only complaint, is the pitch bend. I wish I could have better control of it. The curve of the bend starts off nice and slow, but gradually grows to be to much. It would be nice if we could either set a cut-off to the curve, or like some other users mentioned, be able to use the platter to bend pitch by the use of 1 finger, while maintaining normal scratch control with two or more fingers. Also, scratch latency is a little bit noticeable, however compared to other "scratch" apps that I've used, is completely acceptable.


This is the worst app in the world

Great idea, horrible implementation

If this app had all the elements of my sl-1200, i would be using it as a replacement. For instance, 1) There is no start/stop button when the slider is pitch slider is selected. Why does it need to be selected instead of just being there all the time just beats me. It is not like it is using up to much screen. Just get rid of those pitch bend buttons or make them smaller and have a start/stop button there all the time! 2) It only works in relative mode. It is just a pain to have to go back to the laptop to cue up. If i was the developer, i would add absolute position, that way one could needle drop(by selecting this function with another button) and also having the ability save temporary cue points. 3) when pressing the home button, the app stops. If by accident i were to push the home button during a gig, i would be screwed. The above three requests/comments should not be hard to implement.

Dj Kenny

Nice app in and out the club but.... 1)Can you make it look like a 1200 2) let a Dj ad his or her face to the vinyl 3) let the table be able to set up battle Or standard 4) fix the lag for scratching issues Other than dat good app,just open for Ludda,Chris brown,Rick Ross and nicki And they thought it was sick as hell Also got iPad Dj case made just for this App

super app!!!!

Used this app the first night the iPad 2 came out people could not tell the difference between this and the technics I usually use. I'm not a big scratching dj but the scratching is a little off but as far as mixing it is on point. So much easier to set up then a traditional turntable no need to worry about needles and bad connections with serato people loved watching it. No crashes nothing worked fine all weekend. Love it


Please add a return to zero button or make a double tap on the start button return it to the beginning of the track. I use a rane serato mixer and this is the only thing missing that makes me have to touch the laptop! Smaller pitch adjustment would be nice too, like +/- 8


Great app....recommended by my friend DJ Chance....just needs some tweaking as far as scratching, but otherwise a sick ap.

Great app

My two cents for future update. 1. Single finger nudge on record pitch bends to lock bpm 2. Two or more fingers on record works as usual Some improvements needed on responsiveness maybe increase sensitivity adjustment in settings, 3. Allow placement off pitch adjustment on left or rigth.

Love it

I specifically bought ipads just to have this app to do gigs with serato scratch live. It's worked great in every just needs to be more responsive to scratching (not good for more than basic scratches,no real orbiters,crab,flares or even transforming here) and the marker doesn't really mark where you're trying to spin back to "there more like guidelines", to quote Captain Barbosa...I always have to look at the waveform display on serato.that's really the only complaint on an otherwise great app.thanks for saving my back from heavy cdj and turntable lifting! It's my Mac and two ipads,headphones and SL3 in my laptop bag and ready for any happy...great work

Scratch That Itch!

Great app, works slick with Traktor Scratch Pro. Finally was able to set things up for a test and the control is very impressive. There is still the "Unknown Medium" calibration error, but it takes the 2k signal and works fine. This is exactly what I was looking for to work in conjunction with TouchOSC for the mix controls on another device. Clean UI and very responsive, yet I also love the customizability. Well done.

Nice App! Great for backup or small gigs

Used this instead of my sl1200 for a small gig and it worked perfect. Even used it in a club as a second turntable. Takes time to get used to but after a while it's nice. Would be nice if it had the option to add cue buttons somewhere in there.


Why dont have cue Dont have start point and more basic butten


Use with Serato! Great for small gigs, really don't recommend for club use.


Just bought this app i got alittle curious to see how it worked .... As far as blending it's deffinatly good , the spinbacks r pretty good also But the scratching deffinatly needs some work... But other then that keep up the good work And updates .... Peace.....  EDIT ---- for you guys that don't know this is ment to be hooked up to your digital setup .... Example ((SERATO)) if u don't hook it up to a interface you will only get the control signal tone, the same tone you would get from a control record or control cd .... So before u buy make sure u have serato or the other ones mentioned ... Hope this clears things up a bit ....

Great idea, and result is finally usable v.1.1

I bought this app 3 months ago and was very dissatisfied with it's lack of responsiveness. In the meantime I upgaded my OS and updated this application. Don't know if it's OS 3.0 or optimizations in app, but now I am happy user. Scratching might still be a bit questionable, but now it works well enough to allow for throwing the beat more or less on the spot. Pitch slider responds well and smooth. Perhaps it is too sensitive but one gets used to it quick. Pitch bend buttons pick up a bit slowly but they work well once one gets used to them. As a techno DJ I really can't ask for more. Well perhaps adjustable pitch slider range between 8 and 16% would look good in some future version but this is a good app as it is if you don't expect miracles from it.

Spot on

I just spent 5 hrs tag teaming with another Dj who was using a cdj at an afterparty, took a few tracks to get the hang of things , but eventually it became pretty fluid. All in all this is a priceless app for the afterhours no-turntable situation. Bravo!


Thats it? A few tone noises to mess with? For $8?

Great concept and great little app but...

A little overpriced for what it does, granted, what it does is supposed to be simple. Would be nice to have some sort of "drag" and "push" emulation on the virtual record, say, in place of the "scratching" when you have the pitch slider showing. Aiming for two tiny + and - buttons is tricky when you're mid-mix. The interface is also a little too slow on the response time to be useful for scratching (this is on an iPhone 3GS). Other than these things and a few bugs here and there, this is really a pretty awesome and intuitive app. Great as a quick backup if one of your tables craps out and you're not comfortable using internal mode in Serato!

Such a great application idea.

This is by far the coolest app as a dj.. def worth the 8bucks as a backup incase a needle or cdj break

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